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What We Do

If you come to Portugal or consider visiting us it is reasonable to think about wild brown trout and fly fishing. We can show you river stretches easily accessible or rivers away from roads or houses where is difficult to find other angler.

We offer the pursuit of wild trout taking hatching fly in natural waters. We can provide trout fly fishing guiding in almost all the rivers in the historic Minho province and Northern Portugal.

Cavado Fly Fishing is based in the province of Minho (Portugal), where the “vinho verde”, a unique Portuguese wine is originally from.

Minho has substantial Celtic influences and shares many cultural traits with neighbouring Galicia  in Spain. The region was part of the Roman Province and early medieval Kingdom of Gallaecia.

Minho encompasses a range of picture-postcard landscapes and features that could almost be Portugal in microcosm – dreamy river scenes, high mountains, rolling vineyards, historic towns, dramatic Atlantic beaches, ancient religious foundations and mysterious archeological sites. To this, you can add a modern network of roads – it takes only an hour or so to get from the main towns to remote hiking villages – and a useful regional bus and train network, and the Minho instantly appeals, as a sort of Portugal-in-a-nutshell experience, easily accessible straight out of Oporto airport.

Why come visit us

Quality fly fishing and a lot of fishable streams, wild brown trout and beautiful nature, welcoming people and delicious food and wonderful green wine from the region, variety and volume fly fishing water.



We operate on the last refuges for truly wild trout in Portugal. In this respect we offer the pursuit of wild trout taking hatching fly in natural waters. We can provide trout fly fishing guiding in almost all the rivers in the historic Minho province.

Big rivers like Cávado, Lima and Minho (international river) near the border with Spain. Some of this rivers are tail waters. If you prefer we can guide on beautiful small streams near Gerês National Park. We offer and organize fly fishing initiation courses ,minimum two anglers, wild trout fishing only.

Matching the Caddis hatch

June, July and August are the best months to fish during late evening or even at night and see big trout feeding. On this period the weather in Portugal is perfect, with high temperatures even at night.

Caenis Festival

Early morning fishing, until 9 o´clock. We have special places to enjoy fishing with caenis spent flies hider big rivers or small streams.

 “Trout fishing is, in Portuguese, apaixonante. The translation would be “passion-inducing” in our tongue, which is shy in curling around such thoughts. This kind of passion lets you make a fool of yourself without witnesses. It has nothing in common with courtship except sleepless intensity, which is resemblance enough to lead angler after angler to the same symbolism. You like this or you hate it, but passion it is, passion without dilution, passion without unfaithfulness, passion uninterrupted by commercials.”



Angling information

Fishing is not easy but truly enjoyable. It requires good gear specialize to each river and situation. Cavado fly fishing can provide all the gear.

The majority of waters are owned either by clubs or by the State.

The national fishing license and the special licenses for some of the rivers where we fish are provide by us.

Keep in mind – no kill essence! All the guides catch and release all the fish and we hope you do the same.

Fly rods: A 4, 5 weight fly rod 9´´ and  10´´.

Most trout fisheries open between February 15th and March 1st and close on July 31th with some exceptions that close on various dates between September 15th and October 30th. Some clubs may have their own regulations on opening and closing dates.

Tourist Information:

Other activities

There are a lot of activities especially during summer time at Minho region.
Popular Festivals, adventure activities like canoe paddling and horse riding, tours in historical places, a gastronomy to discover and a lot else.